The Process

The General Plan update will be carried out in six steps over a 24 months time-frame.  The CBD Area Plan, Code, and Economic Development Strategy will be prepared simultaneously with the General Plan Update.

The General Plan will address eight elements:

  1. Our Natural Community (Conservation and Open Space)
  2. Our Prosperous Community (Economic/Fiscal Development)
  3. Our Well Planned and Designed Community (Land Use/Design, Housing. Parks and Recreation)
  4. Our Accessible Community (Circulation element)
  5. Our Healthy and Safe Community (Safety, Noise, Land Use)
  6. Our Active Community (Land Use, Parks and Recreation)
  7. Our Creative Community (Culture)
  8. Our Sustainable Community (Land use, Circulation, Air Quality, Capital Improvements/Public Facilities, Energy, Flood Management, Water)

Team Organization

The project team consist of a core executive team, a technical advisory committee and six topical resource committees.

The Executive Team will include project managers from the consulting and City staff team and key leaders from City staff, as appropriate.  The key responsibility is to review schedule and budget at monthly status meeting, logistical planning, and the facilitating the process.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will include members from City Council, Planning Commission, and department heads to provide on-going and specific direction throughout the entire project.

Six Resource Teams will support the public process developing policy options for the public to consider and actions to implement the vision. The Resource Teams include members of the consulting team, city staff, civic leaders, and local volunteers with interest or expertise in each team's topic.