Our Natural Community

Live in Balance with our natural environment.  Preserve the natural areas and integrate preserved open spaces into new neighborhoods.

Our Prosperous Community

Maintain and monitor West Covina's fiscal health, reinforce West Covina's brand as a great place to live, work, and play in the San Gabriel Valley, and nurture local businesses and attract non-retail jobs.

Our Well Planned Community

Direct new growth to downtown where development pressures are the greatest and change is desired, while protecting the stable residential areas. Target housing and job growth in strategic areas along the corridor.  Encourage pedestrian-oriented mixed-use development, while providing vibrant public spaces and gathering places.

Our Accessible Community

Design streets that consider both the existing and future context of transportation and land use and seek to be in harmony with the adjacent area’s history, environmental resources, and overall aesthetic.  Provides safe access for all road users—pedestrians, cyclists, public transit users, and motorists—of all ages and abilities.

Our Healthy & Safe Community

Create environments that encourage safe and healthy lifestyles and maximize the opportunities for physical activity.  Well-designed public and semi-public realm foster social interaction, and good programming can draw people out of their homes and into their community.

Our Active Community

Enhance the value of fitness and celebrate healthy living; improve existing condition of public open spaces and facilities to encourage use; and acquire, develop, and maintain quality of public open spaces and trails.

Our Sustainable Community

Strengthen the linkage between transportation and land use while providing and maintaining facilities that enables the community to stay in balance with natural systems.

Our Creative Community

Become a vibrant cultural center by weaving the arts and local heritage into everyday life.



Create an Economically Healthy Downtown

Expand the role of downtown as the economic engine of the region.  Embrace an authentic urban environment that’s attractive to workers and businesses in the new knowledge economy. Create opportunities for new business clusters that take advantage of synergies between existing businesses and emerging technologies.  Actively building a network of locally owned merchants and offer programs that encourage residents to buy local.

Expand Housing Opportunities

 Increase and diversify housing opportunities that are attractive to all lifestyles, demographics and economic realities. More people living and playing downtown will create excitement and lead to more restaurants, shops, and entertainment options.

Create Strong Connections Between Activity Centers

Create an interconnected, walkable, and vibrant downtown. Plan a rich mix of uses that fills in the gaps to better connect downtown’s assets, districts, corridors, and neighborhoods.

Promote Mobility Options

To accommodate planned growth in travel, West Covina will need to make more efficient use of current street space. In short, this means carrying more people in high-occupancy vehicles, such as transit and shuttles, and encouraging travel by foot and bicycle where possible. Downtown Street Types need to set priorities for movement of people, not just vehicles, and ensures that transit, cyclists and pedestrians all are provided safe and convenient access to and circulation through downtown.

Establish an Interconnected Network of Open Space

Target and prioritize new development opportunities and an integrated public green infrastructure that both the public and private sectors can jointly implement.  Promote existing and identify new policies, standards, and development incentives that advance desired outcomes.

Animate the Public Realm

Provide, maintain, and enhance public features such as parks, streetscapes, and civic spaces.

Develop clear and predictable standards to achieve a higher  quality of development and streetscape enhancements. Develop buildings that engage the street and shape the civic realm.

Get the Parking Right

Efficiently manage supply and demand for Downtown parking to accommodate visitor, commuter and resident parking needs.

Invest in Arts & Culture

Ensure downtown’s place as the cultural and creative hub.