Focus Groups

Review past Focus Group meeting presentations (pdf) and summaries.

The six Focus Group will prepare a draft of the following eight General Plan elements:

  • Our Natural Community — address how West Covina’s can thrive in balance with the communities natural ecosystems.
  • Our Prosperous Community — address how West Covina can attract and retain high-wage and high value enterprises, and diversify and increase the local tax base.
  • Our Well Planned Community — this chapter will feature the preferred land use plan that directs new growth by reinvesting in key opportunity areas like the CBD, while protecting natural resources, respecting stable residential neighborhoods, and making great places by insisting on the highest standard in architecture, landscaping and urban design.
  • Our Accessible Community — will address transportation choices advocated by SB375 and AB 1358 by strengthening and balancing pedestrian, bike, and transit connections in the City and surrounding region.
  • Our Resilient Community —This step would address AB 32 and SB 375 in a holistic manner through stronger links between land use and transportation with high performance infrastructure.
  • Our Healthy and Safe Community — will build effective partnerships that protect and improve the social well being and security.

Focus Groups will support the public process developing policy options for the public to consider and actions to implement the public’s vision. The Focus Groups include members of the consulting team, city staff, civic leaders, and local volunteers with interest or expertise in each team's topic.

Each Focus Group contributes members and expertise to the combined CORE Group which will concurrently address the Well Planned and Designed, Accessible and Sustainable Community. This Core Focus Group will consider West Covina’s approach to growth and preservation, incorporating perspectives from the other five groups. In addition to developing goals and policies for each element, the other five groups will also review and assess alternate land use, circulation, and infrastructure scenarios developed by the Core Focus Group.

The Focus Groups’ work occurs in three phases throughout the project.

  1. Driving Forces (Fall 2014): The Focus Groups identify key outside forces shaping West Covina’s and its downtown’s future.
  2. Scenarios & policies (Winter 2014-15): The Focus Groups develop and assess alternate land use and transportation scenarios for the City and specifically for the downtown. They also develop goals and policies for the entire city. The scenarios, goals, and policies will be the centerpiece of public input in the visioning charrette.
  3. Preferred scenario and actions (Spring 2015). The Focus Groups will create a preferred scenario and refine their goals and policies based on the public review. They will recommend a set of concrete actions for the next 1-5 years to begin implementing the policies.
  • Our Active Community — will address parks and open spaces to provide enriching recreational options for the entire community.
  • Our Creative Community — weave arts, cultural events, community programs into everyday life.

Each topic will be introduced with an overarching goal that carries forward the vision, a description of issues needing resolution and methods for remedying them, and finally measurable policies and actions to achieve those solutions.

The General Plan will include a summary of actions, along with responsible party for implementing each action and time-frame for completion.